On the Alp – Museum

Interactive exhibition games

“On the Alp – between heaven and earth” is an exhibition within the “Talmuseum Hüttschlag“. We’ve created three games to help the visitors learn more about how milk-products are created, the hayfield is cut with a scythe and how to kill some time on a farm. The exhibition is open from mid May until November 2015.

Features Game #1: Scythe Simulator
  • Show off your skill with a real scythe, analyzing your movement with gyrosensors
  • Full-HD video feedback by a professional farmer

Game #2: Cow Pat Bingo
  • Similar to “Chicken Shit Bingo”
  • 8 players – 1 cow action
  • From age 4 up

Game #3: Milk Puzzle
  • Learn how different milk-products are manufactured
  • Multi-touch puzzle
  • 10 Levels with increasing difficulty


Games, Gamification