Chuggington - Full Speed Ahead

HTML 5 Game

Casual game produced for "Toggolino", a channel window of the German television network Super RTL.

Go on a tour with Wilson, Bastian & Koko to explore the world of Chuggington!

  • Drive through the landscape of Chuggington and discover many different locations from the show
  • Collect as many lightning bolts as possible by switching rails
  • Solve problems on the way by playing various minigames at each location
  • Collect scattered apples, crank down railway gates, pop balloons and soap bubbles, put away tools left across the rails, and tighten loose screws on the bridge
  • Play together with your favourite character from the show
  • Child-oriented gameplay
  • Solution-focused challenges
  • Four different game-mechanics
  • Intuitive Gameplay with audio-visual tutorials
  • IP: "Chuggington"
  • HTML5 / WebGL
  • Browser (mobile / desktop) compatible

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