Continental Marble Adventure

HTML5 Game

A marble game with 150 levels in 10 different regions to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Continental.

Experience Continental from a completely different perspective in ten regions with a total of 150 levels and learn more about the development of the company from the pure manufacture of rubber products to a leading international technology company.

  • Navigate a personalized marble through different levels
  • Collect up to three Continental 150 coins per level
  • Try to set new new high scores for each level
  • Build a team with friends and colleagues and take part in weekly challenges
  • Create unique levels and share them with others
  • Browser (mobile / desktop) compatible
  • 10 regions, each with its own art style
  • 10 special levels with their own gameplay
  • 150 levels
  • 150 costumes
  • Level editor
  • Online multiplayer


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