Dino Ranch - Ride to the Rescue

Nintendo Switch Adventure

The animated series that has captured the hearts of millions of children around the globe get's it's own game! Embark on epic adventure jam-packed with dinotastic fun. You’ll encounter thrilling mini-games and have a roaring good time with your favorite Rancheroos.

Jon, Min, and Miguel to discover a world full of cowboys and dinos and play funny and dino-driven mini-games!

EXPLORE & TAKE ACTION: Race alongside Jon and Blitz as he zooms through the ranch and its surroundings at a lightning speed. Engage in dynamic mini games to find the lost eggs and show off your amazing lasso skills!

NURTURE & HATCH: Step into the shoes of Min and Clover, the Dino doctor and caretakers of the hatchery. Show your love and care for the adorable dinosaurs as you nurture them and experience the pure joy of hatching newly found eggs.

BUILD & REPAIR: Every great adventure requires ingenuity. Team up with Miguel to construct and repair essential tools and overcome obstacles with the explosive Tango and her mighty strength!

  • Child-oriented gameplay
  • Solution-focused challenges, targeting kids creativity and skill
  • 10 Storymissions, connected through an exciting big adventure
  • Every storymission consists of multiple 3d animated cutscenes
  • A total of 30 unique minigames
  • A wide range of genres including care games and action games to target a broader audience (girls and boys)
  • Text and Voice overs
  • Translated in 14 languages (EFIGS, JP, PL, PR, RU, CZ, CHN T/S, KR, NL)
  • Consistent 30 fps on Nintendo Switch

Published by Microids


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