Turn-based Tactics

Dromenon is a turn-based tactical RPG, which is played one-on-one in online or local multiplayer. 

No battle is ever the same! Neither the members of their own army nor the battlefield itself are predictable, which demands new strategies every round.

Developed at University of Applied Sciences Salzburg by:

  • Samuel Arzt M.Sc. - Technical Direction
  • Clemens Schwarz B.A. - Animation/Visual Effects/Tech-Art
  • Gleb Vozgrin B.A. - Game Design/Concept Design/Character Design/Narrative
  • Christian Auer B.A. - Concept Design/Character Design/Art Direction/Narrative
  • Katrin-Anna Zibuschka, B.Sc. - Gameplay Programming
  • Florian Innerhuber, B.Sc. - Environment Generation
  • Christoph Birgmann, M.Sc. - Networking, UI Programming
  • Robert Röder, B.A. - Environment Design
  • Karin Pallier, B.A. - Ingame Music
  • Jamie Nord, B.A. - Sound Effects, Voice-Lines, Menu Tack
  • Axel Stenitzer, B.A. -  Voice-Lines
  • Dora Kleinhapl Sammer - Music-Stems
  • Ricarda Studeny - Icon Design
  • Melanie Bartl - Logo Design
  • Anna Brunner - UI Design
  • Jakob Vogel - UI Concepts
  • Leonie Kustermann - Voice-Lines, Voiceacting

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