Peppa Pig - Bedtime Stories

HTML 5 Game

Casual game produced for "Toggolino",
a channel window of the German television network SuperRTL.

It's almost time for bed. Peppa and George are allowed to play outside for a short while before bedtime.

  • Jump around in muddy puddles
  • Use soap and a sponge to wash away the mud
  • Put Peppa and George into their beds and give them their stuffed animal
  • You can clean up the room by putting the toys into the basket
  • Daddy Pig will read a story to the children to end the game
  • Animated and interactable objects to find
  • The game is based on the episode "Bedtime" of the series
  • Going to bed is playfully simulated by getting Peppa and George ready for bed
  • Child-oriented gameplay
  • IP: "Peppa Pig"
  • HTML5 / WebGL
  • Browser (mobile / desktop) compatible

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