School games

Two games developed for the Joachim Herz Foundation and their learning platform Teach Economy.

The teacher can configure and start a game on the projector. Kids can easily connect to the projected game with their smartphones.

Market simulation

In the classroom experiment, sellers and buyers should negotiate prices with each other.

This simulates making profits in an open market situation. The classroom becomes a weekly market where apples are traded.

Fishing game

The interactive simulation uses the example of a fish stock to illustrate the problem of the exploitation of common resources ("tragedy of the commons").

As part of the game, the students learn what means can be used to counteract this problem and what difficulties are usually associated with the implementation of these measures.

  • Responsive design: Desktop + mobile
  • Real-time updates via web socket technology
  • Three different components
    • Admin area for game configuration, player overview and simulation results
    • Presentation layer for classroom projectors
    • Easy to use web app for school kids

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