Star Trek: Prodigy - Captains Training

Browser Game

Casual game, produced for "Toggo", a program window of the German TV channel Super RTL.

Immerse yourself in the world of Star Trek: Prodigy and complete the intensive hologram training to find out which captain you are most like.
Make decisions, rescue passengers, maneuver the ship out of an asteroid belt and manage your ship's resources.

The game consists of two alternating phases:

Mission Phase
  • Navigate your ship through dangerous asteroid fields
  • Use your torpedoes to extricate yourself from dicey situations
  • Rescue escape pods with the transporter beam
  • Use the Protostar energy to maneuver around potential threats

Ship Management Phase
  • A recovery phase after each successful mission
  • Manage the four ship rooms for torpedo count, defensive shield, Protostart energy and the transporter beam 
  • Assign Dal and Quin to the respective rooms to regenerate them during this phase

  • Character Quiz with 13 different possible outcomes 
  • 3D Runner
  • Realt-time strategy
  • IP: Star Trek: Prodigy
  • HTML5/WebGL
  • Browser (mobile / desktop) compatible

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