The Octonauts - Arctic Adventures

HTML 5 Minigame Collection

Casual game produced for "Toggolino",
a channel window of the German television network Super RTL.

Help Captain Barnacles and his crew to solve problems in three engaging missions across the arctic!

  • Peso is sliding downhill and needs help! Jump over obstacles and safely guide him to the bottom!
  • The crew is searching for different sea creatures in the arctic ocean. Search around underwater and help them locate the animals they are looking for
  • Captain Barnacles needs to get his stranded friends to safety. Use ice floes to jump across the open water and get them back to solid ground
  • Child-oriented gameplay
  • Varied gameplay to make the game more fun
  • IP: "The Octonauts"
  • HTML5 / WebGL
  • Browser (mobile / desktop) compatible

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