World of Windhager - Exhibition

Interactive Installations

Six interactive installations developed for the Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH adventure exhibition World of Windhager.

Experience the power of fire and playfully learn what you need to know about sustainable heating technologies.


Yeah, Sure
  • Playfully discover the history of the Windhager brand with old brochures, flyers and well-known advertising clips  
  • Interactive infotainment thanks to multi-touch screen
Game of Windhager
  • Classic arcade style Jump'n'Run
  • The princess sends you on an epic quest to collect fuel
  • Three levels with oil, nuclear power and sustainable Windhager pellets
Boiler game
  • Connect various Windhager boilers to lines and make them disappear
Pellets Racer
  • Race as a pellet through the hose of the boiler and beat the highscore
  • Motion platform for a relalistic simulation experience
  • Playable in VR with the Oculus Quest 2
Thermal Detective
  • Examine the house and try to find places that can be improved ecologically
  • Use the "thermal" view to unveal temperature leaks
Hot or Not
  • Search for matching couples in this memory game
  • Sort the found pairs by hot and cold 

Made with the Unity Game Engine


Games, Gamification