Zombie Teenz Evolution

Digital Board Game

The award winning board game hit of the year 2021 brought to the web as HTML5 version.

Zombies have overrun the town and you need to make an antidote. The characters must work together to collect the ingredients in the school building. With each victory, Zombie Teenz Evolution evolves. 

  • Bring all 4 ingredients to the center
  • Defeat the zombies coming out of the gutters
  • Stop the zombies from capturing all 4 buildings
  • Complete different missions while playing to earn stickers
  • Use the stickers to earn up to 3 envelopes with new enemies and action cards¬†
  • High replay value, thanks to numerous content updates
  • New enemies and characters can be unlocked
  • Challenging & varying gameplay
  • IP: "Zombie Teenz Evolution"
  • HTML5 / WebGL
  • Browser (mobile / desktop) compatible

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